MSR 50th Anniversary Fuel Bottle – 20 fl. oz.



Join MSR in celebration with the 50th Anniversary fuel bottle. Printed with retro graphics from one of their earliest fuel bottles, it features throwback looks and thoroughly modern construction.

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  • Connects to the threaded pump of your MSR liquid-fuel stove for use as a fuel tank; not compatible with canister stoves
  • Airtight seal allows fuel to be stored longer by preventing air from entering and degrading fuel
  • Child-resistant packaging (CRP) cap makes it difficult for kids to open the bottle
  • Made from single-piece, impact-extruded aluminum to prevent leaks and cracks
  • Bolstered shoulder and base resist bulging when pressurized
  • Fuel not included
  • MSR began in 1969 as one man’s crusade against unsafe climbing gear and since then, they’ve remained committed to engineering the most reliable outdoor equipment possible

Made in USA.