M Essentials Aquaseal All-purpose Patch Kit



The Aquaseal All-Purpose Patch Kit by M Essentials provides the tools to make a permanent repair at home or in the field, including: Aquaseal, 3” adhesive patches, a brush and waterproof instructions. Finally, repair that nasty wetsuit tear, or those mysteriously leaky dry tops, bags or spray skirts. You can even fix that pinhole leak on your summertime floatie right there, waterside, and get back in. Part of the McNett family of brands, M Essentials features an assortment of reliable products designed to repair and maintain the life of water sports gear. For over three decades McNett has been providing you with the Essentials for Adventure.

Made in USA.

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  • Quality field tested to help you in during your outdoor situations
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Built for the most extreme situations
  • Lightweight and compact kit repairs holes and tears in neoprene; ideal for in the field use on many things like dry bags and low PSI inflatables
  • Kit contains 1/4 oz Aquaseal and two 3 inchTenacious Repair Tape patches
  • Aquaseal in kit provides long lasting repairs, excellent felxibility, and abrasion resistance
  • Small and portable storage tube only 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide fits in palm of your hand
  • Made in USA