At Aquamira, our team builds technologies that turn contaminated water into safe drinking water for individuals, families and communities. Some would call this magic, but we call it science. We build practical solutions that serve people, protect health, and save lives from the threat of waterborne illnesses. Our goal is to help you stay safely hydrated through fun and adventurous times as well as during emergency situations.

Our flagship product, the Aquamira Water Treatment Drops was first introduced to the Outdoor market in 1999 and has become an international favorite of outdoor guides and instructors, emergency preparedness experts and wilderness educators. Practitioners of the survivalist lifestyle and preparedness minded individuals view our products as essential for 72 hour kits, bug-out bags and emergency water storage.

Source: Aquamira website

  • Aquamira Water Treatment Drops – 1 oz

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  • Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets – 20-pack

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