Started in 2016, The Outdoor Armory is grounded on our founder’s passion for the outdoors. It started with two overarching needs:
(1) to have a one-stop destination for all activities and events in the Philippines: from running to triathlon, to island hopping to rock climbing, to scuba diving to hiking; and
(2) for Filipinos to have access to the finest and most reliable gear in the market but pegged at the most reasonable prices.

The Outdoor Armory believes that everyone should have access to the best equipment in the market. It partners with the top names in the business to provide gears that are engineered with latest technology and are featured with top-of-the-industry reliability, safety, and durability.

The Outdoor Armory acts both as distributor and retailer of brands.

For the meantime, The Outdoor Armory only utilizes online platform to sell goods. Contrary to popular e-commerce websites, it hand-picks the brands and carries the inventory to ensure product authenticity and brand nurturing.

Our Shop is backed by enterprise-grade systems such as SSL and firewalls to ensure that all customer information is kept private.

It has plans to build a brick-and-mortar concept store in the near future.

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